How Do You Apply for M1 Student Visa for School?

Different internal visa schools have different admission policies. Your school is going to let you know what exactly they require in order to determine whether you are academically eligible. Among other academic requirements, you will need to show the school that you have enough money to support while studying without working.

You may need to show the health insurance to cover any medical expenses that will help you at the time when you need any medical assistance. Therefore, it’s highly suggested that you should protect yourself by keeping a copy of everything you fill out.

I20 Application for International Students

Once the university has done with your application and you are academically eligible, they will provide you with an I-20 form to apply for an international visa for school. Applicants should apply at the US Embassy or Consulate with jurisdiction over their place for permanent residence.

How do you apply for an International visa for a school in the USA?

There are different steps you need to follow to apply M1 student visa for school. But the order of these steps and how you fill out may vary at the US Embassy or Consulate where you want to apply.

You can browse through the embassy or consulate website where you want to apply. You should complete the online application for an international visa for school. Here are a few steps you need to consider:

Online Non-Immigrant Visa Application

  • You need to complete the visa application, i.e. Form DS-160.

  • You should print the application form confirmation that you have to bring to your interview.

Photo –

You will need to upload your photo while completing the online application form – DS-160. Your photograph should be available in the format explained in the photograph requirements.

New Students –

Usually, M1 student visas can be available up to 20 days prior to the course of the study starting date. However, you won’t be allowed to enter the United States in the M-1 status earlier than 30 days before the starting date.

Collect Needed Documentation –

You need to collect and prepare the following documents prior to your visa interview:

  • Valid passport for travel to the United States

  • Non-Immigrant Visa Application – Form DS-160 Confirmation Page

  • Application Fee Payment Receipt

  • Photo

  • Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant Student Status for Vocational Students – Form I-20

Additional Documentation

Your academic preparation like:

  • Diplomas, transcripts, degrees or certificates from schools you attended

  • Standard test scores needed by your US school

  • Intent to depart the United States upon the completion of the course of study

  • Payment procedure for educational, living and travel costs.

Final Consideration –

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